Krass & Co

I’m now officially a Krass & Co Brand Rep! WOOOOOO!

Krass & Co is a high end athletic clothing company. Founder Pierson Krass wanted to combine his preppy and costal style with the comfort of athletic shorts and ta-dah Krass & Co was born.

Until recently the company focused on men’s athletic shorts and pocket tees, but they now have women’s shorts. THEY ARE ADORABLE. The patterns, colors, and embroidery they use are so unique and fun; they make wearing athletic clothes trendy!

My first order from Krass & Co was the Sassy Seahorse Shorts. First of all the alliteration in that name is fantastic. Anyway, the shorts are so unbelievable comfortable that I want to live in them. I’m being completely serious.



Like how cute is this little guy?! These shorts fit perfectly, and I’m a small person who often has trouble finding clothes to actually fit me. The tag is also sewn in upside down because clearly we’re going to roll the band.

I also received a free pocket tee with a discount code from Facebook (I chose the High Roller Tee) as well as cool stickers and a pair of croakies.


Krass & Co is able to do discounted group orders as well as custom orders for orders of 50 or more! All my sorority girls, can you say colors and your mascot? I would die for a pink and green pair with turtles.

While they are a little expensive, they cost no more than those monogramed shorts you wanted from etsy, and these are probably more comfortable and just as unique. AND you can use my DISCOUNT CODE  KateAndCo and receive 20% off!

Italian Adventure

Hi again!

After getting back from vacation I was suddenly very busy and didn’t have time to write, but now I finally have a free second.

Italy was a whirlwind adventure and I am definitely in love.

We flew into Milan where we window shopped at designer stores


and took the train to Lake Como, a popular resort town in the Italian Alps. 580228_10151527784597749_1887195778_n

We then traveled by train to Venice; there is no other place quite like it!


Next was Florence where we saw amazing architecture,


had the best gelato,



And even met up with a sister!


We ended our trip in Rome where we took in all of the attractions with the help of our personal guide Giovani



Anyone ready to pack their bags? I’m ready to go back!

Happy Birthday America!



Yay for the USA!! I hope you are all getting your flag cakes and strawberry/blueberry fruit kabobs ready because it’s time to celebrate America.

Break out your cut offs, cowboy boots, and flag bow(tie)s because today everyone is as American as apple pie.

Everyone have a fun and safe 4th!

Shop Hope’s

A friend recently recommended I check out, an online boutique (they also have stores in Georgia) that has the cutest clothes. You know all of those bow back dresses on tumblr? Yeah, that’s where they’re from.

The products that the shop offers are cute and comfortable, though they do run a bit big, and only offer sizes small, medium, and large. You also need to get in there early because they tend to sell out of popular items very quickly.

I purchased the Violets are Blue Maxi Dress. It was reasonably priced and had free shipping! The dress is a little long, but with wedges it works just fine.

I wore this dress with my white Jack Rogers Wedges, Pink J. Crew Bag, and my monogram necklace.


This was the perfect summer dress for a dinner date with my boyfriend!


I also purchased a printed bow back dress that is currently no longer on the website, but I will do a post about it as soon as I wear it!

Influenster Sunkissed VoxBox

This week I received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster. Think Birchbox but free!


Here is what was in my box!

1. Dr. Scholl’s for Her High Heel Insoles ($10.99)


These insoles are super comfy! They take the pressure off the ball of your foot and provide arch support. I put them in my nude heels because I wear them everywhere. Now I have comfortable heels that look great with any outfit.



2. Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream} Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 ($12.99)


I am a powder foundation girl so I was skeptical about trying this moisturizer. However, it goes on smoothly and I like that it has SPF 15 in it to protect you from the sun. I am not sure if this will become part of my regular routine, but I may use it when I got to the beach.

3. SinfulShine with Gel Tech in Rebel ($2.99)



This nail polish is very smooth and shiny. I will have to update you on how long it lasts, but so far so good! This would be a nice color for the fall, since it is a sort of deep mocha.

4. Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics ($3.99-$4.99)


These elastics have become super trendy over the past year or so, and I was happy to receive more of them! I like the colors because some are neutral, and some will really stand out. These are great for a low ponytail…


or if you just really want to get your hair out of your face….


I have really thick hair, so these will definitely hold anyone’s hair back!

Thanks to Influenster for sending me such a great box!

More and More Rain

So apparently mother nature has taken my interest in the Rain Room as wanting to be flooded out because it has been raining a lot recently! The worst thing about rain in the summer is trying to figure out what to wear. I really didn’t like the idea of wearing rain boots in the summer until I saw Hunter’s coral rain boots! I have the original hunter green, which is perfect for winter but seeing them in a brighter color made me rethink my opinion.



The Hunter Original High Gloss Boots were the inspiration for this outfit. Rain boots paired with a high waisted skirt, such as this Alice and Olivia Jo Skirt, is a really fun look. Remind yourself that it actually is summer with a  t-shirt like this J. Crew Linen Côte d’Azur shirt. I also love that it has umbrellas on it since its raining (I’m really funny). Top off this look with some neutral accessories like this Kate Spade East Broadway Harmony Bag and a pair of initial earrings like these from Swell Caroline, or just your go to studs!

Sunny with Guaranteed Rain

This weekend I finally made it out of the house for more than an hour or so!

My first destination was Long Beach to get a little vitamin D, even though I protected myself by breaking out my Lilly floppy hat!


After soaking up some sun on Saturday, why would I want rain?


The answer to that is in the Museum of Modern Art’s Rain Room created by rAndom International. This free standing exhibit is adjacent to the museum and inside is an incredible experience. When you enter the building it is dark except for a bright light illuminating the rain falling from the ceiling. You get a little wet upon stepping into the actual rainfall, but if you move slowly enough the sensors on the ceiling stop the rain. You stand in a literal downpour without getting wet (unless you are a small child sprinting through the exhibit, or their parent). This was an amazing exhibit and I would definitely encourage those in the New York area to check it out.

Here are some photos that my sister and dad took:

998995_589563174417927_776675409_n 1005400_589563694417875_421400268_n   1044714_589563254417919_119226366_n 1001315_589562697751308_1313887053_n


Summer Solstice

Happy First Day of Summer, or as I like to call it, National Wear Your Lilly Day!

I hope you all are donning your brightly colored ensembles right now in honor of Ms. Pulitzer, the season of summer, and the pink and green way of life we all love so dearly.

This is what I chose to wear today:


A light blue sleeveless Island Polo and my new Abella skirt in Bright Navy Foxy from Rue La La go perfectly with my hot pink J. Crew bag and pink Jack Rogers flats.

I entered this picture in the Lilly instagram contest. If you upload a picture of yourself today wearing your lilly and tag @LillyPulitzer #summerinlilly, you are automatically entered. People can view your  picture on the facebook page and like it. Whoever gets the most likes by the 25th receives a $1000 Lilly shopping spree.

I already did a little shopping of my own today, because who can pass up a free gift?

The Mito Tote caught my eye a few weeks ago because of its pretty print, but it stayed on my wishlist because of what it is linked to. All proceeds from the tote go to MitoAction, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of those living with Mitochondrial Disease. Since the mitochondria is an organelle that produces energy for the body’s cells, damage to the mitochondria can have many effects on the body including poor growth, diabetes, and autism.


Of course just like any other cause, I made sure to do some research before donating, but I decided that this was definitely worth the money.

The print, like all other clever Lilly designs, has the human genome in growing vines and also has a great name: Beautiful on the Inside.

Learn more about Mitochondrial Disease at and go purchase your own Mito Tote in Beautiful on the Inside!

National Wear Your Lilly Day: 2 Days to Prepare

National Wear Your Lilly Day is only two days away, and we know what that means: The first day of SUMMER!

I’ll be sure to post a picture of what I choose to wear, but until then, here is some inspiration.



These Buttercup Shorts will look great on tan legs, and the new Sunkissed print is eye-catching and perfect for the first day of summer (they also glow in the dark!). The Nadel Top lets the eye focus on the pretty print while still contributing to the overall look of the outfit with the adorable ruffle. Who said anything about a plain white tank? The Patio Clutch has just the right neutral tone to compliment bright shorts and I threw in a pair of Jack Rogers USA Sutton Wedges for good measure. Pair this with your go to pearl studs and your favorite bracelet stack on you’re ready to go.

To celebrate, Lilly is giving away a patterned wristlet with any $250 purchase (in the same pattern as the sunglass case they recently gave away… LOVE mine) and a keychain with any purchase! Happy Shopping!