More and More Rain

So apparently mother nature has taken my interest in the Rain Room as wanting to be flooded out because it has been raining a lot recently! The worst thing about rain in the summer is trying to figure out what to wear. I really didn’t like the idea of wearing rain boots in the summer until I saw Hunter’s coral rain boots! I have the original hunter green, which is perfect for winter but seeing them in a brighter color made me rethink my opinion.



The Hunter Original High Gloss Boots were the inspiration for this outfit. Rain boots paired with a high waisted skirt, such as this Alice and Olivia Jo Skirt, is a really fun look. Remind yourself that it actually is summer with a  t-shirt like this J. Crew Linen Côte d’Azur shirt. I also love that it has umbrellas on it since its raining (I’m really funny). Top off this look with some neutral accessories like this Kate Spade East Broadway Harmony Bag and a pair of initial earrings like these from Swell Caroline, or just your go to studs!


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