Krass & Co

I’m now officially a Krass & Co Brand Rep! WOOOOOO!

Krass & Co is a high end athletic clothing company. Founder Pierson Krass wanted to combine his preppy and costal style with the comfort of athletic shorts and ta-dah Krass & Co was born.

Until recently the company focused on men’s athletic shorts and pocket tees, but they now have women’s shorts. THEY ARE ADORABLE. The patterns, colors, and embroidery they use are so unique and fun; they make wearing athletic clothes trendy!

My first order from Krass & Co was the Sassy Seahorse Shorts. First of all the alliteration in that name is fantastic. Anyway, the shorts are so unbelievable comfortable that I want to live in them. I’m being completely serious.



Like how cute is this little guy?! These shorts fit perfectly, and I’m a small person who often has trouble finding clothes to actually fit me. The tag is also sewn in upside down because clearly we’re going to roll the band.

I also received a free pocket tee with a discount code from Facebook (I chose the High Roller Tee) as well as cool stickers and a pair of croakies.


Krass & Co is able to do discounted group orders as well as custom orders for orders of 50 or more! All my sorority girls, can you say colors and your mascot? I would die for a pink and green pair with turtles.

While they are a little expensive, they cost no more than those monogramed shorts you wanted from etsy, and these are probably more comfortable and just as unique. AND you can use my DISCOUNT CODE  KateAndCo and receive 20% off!

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