Summer Solstice

Happy First Day of Summer, or as I like to call it, National Wear Your Lilly Day!

I hope you all are donning your brightly colored ensembles right now in honor of Ms. Pulitzer, the season of summer, and the pink and green way of life we all love so dearly.

This is what I chose to wear today:


A light blue sleeveless Island Polo and my new Abella skirt in Bright Navy Foxy from Rue La La go perfectly with my hot pink J. Crew bag and pink Jack Rogers flats.

I entered this picture in the Lilly instagram contest. If you upload a picture of yourself today wearing your lilly and tag @LillyPulitzer #summerinlilly, you are automatically entered. People can view your  picture on the facebook page and like it. Whoever gets the most likes by the 25th receives a $1000 Lilly shopping spree.

I already did a little shopping of my own today, because who can pass up a free gift?

The Mito Tote caught my eye a few weeks ago because of its pretty print, but it stayed on my wishlist because of what it is linked to. All proceeds from the tote go to MitoAction, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of those living with Mitochondrial Disease. Since the mitochondria is an organelle that produces energy for the body’s cells, damage to the mitochondria can have many effects on the body including poor growth, diabetes, and autism.


Of course just like any other cause, I made sure to do some research before donating, but I decided that this was definitely worth the money.

The print, like all other clever Lilly designs, has the human genome in growing vines and also has a great name: Beautiful on the Inside.

Learn more about Mitochondrial Disease at and go purchase your own Mito Tote in Beautiful on the Inside!

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