Sunny with Guaranteed Rain

This weekend I finally made it out of the house for more than an hour or so!

My first destination was Long Beach to get a little vitamin D, even though I protected myself by breaking out my Lilly floppy hat!


After soaking up some sun on Saturday, why would I want rain?


The answer to that is in the Museum of Modern Art’s Rain Room created by rAndom International. This free standing exhibit is adjacent to the museum and inside is an incredible experience. When you enter the building it is dark except for a bright light illuminating the rain falling from the ceiling. You get a little wet upon stepping into the actual rainfall, but if you move slowly enough the sensors on the ceiling stop the rain. You stand in a literal downpour without getting wet (unless you are a small child sprinting through the exhibit, or their parent). This was an amazing exhibit and I would definitely encourage those in the New York area to check it out.

Here are some photos that my sister and dad took:

998995_589563174417927_776675409_n 1005400_589563694417875_421400268_n   1044714_589563254417919_119226366_n 1001315_589562697751308_1313887053_n


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