Surgery and Scrapbooking

Hello again pretty preps!

I am currently recovering from a tonsillectomy, so please forgive my absence. I did make it out to Panera yesterday with one of my Sorority Sisters, which though much needed and tons of fun, wore me out. I tried napping, but it isn’t working out too well, so I figured I’d write a new post!

In between choking down noodles, puking up pain meds, and eating caramel frappuccinos with a spoon, I finished the scrapbook I was working on.

I thought I would share it with you!

The book itself is all sparkles… and who doesn’t love sparkles? I am planning on adding a pink bow to the front and spelling out Delta Zeta.



I love adding 3D elements to my scrapbooks, because it really makes the page pop. You never need to worry about them falling off because of the page protectors.





This scrapbook is something I want to keep forever, so I made sure to include all of my important moments from this year, such as Big Little Reveal and pictures of my Big with her paddle.



Another thing I love is fun paper. This pink piece is a cut out and the green is actually the back of the next page.



Since I want this scrapbook to encompass my entire time in Delta Zeta I also wanted to include other important things such as my Bid Day Card, Membership Certificate, and letters from my Big, my mom, and myself!



I bought all of my supplies from Michael’s, though when I am at school I get them from AC Moore, because they have a huge selection of papers and stickers. One great thing about Michael’s is that they give you a coupon every time you go into the store! I may or may not have purchased a pink hot glue gun and sparkly glue for it.


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