Fall-ing in Love


It’s chilly here in Allentown and wearing my short sleeved bid day shirt is just not cutting it!

I really love Fall, with the layers and of course the cardigans.

Here is an outfit that incorporates bright colors to stretch Summer out as long as possible, while still staying toasty warm:


This J. Crew Tippi Cardigan is the perfect transition to fall. Its vibrant color will make you think it’s still 85 degrees, but it will keep you warm against the cool Fall wind. A Mango Floral Print Skirt shows off the last of your summer tan, but can be paired with tights or high socks if it gets too chilly! And of course navy is the perfect neutral to set off the bright pink. These Jessica Simpson Essence Leather Boots are really cute, and they won’t break your bank. Her shoes are also very comfortable. This Chic+ Mint Bag is such a cute color! It isn’t leather, so all you animal lovers can rest easy. Finish off the look with a long strand of Cezanne Pearls and you’re ready for whatever Fall brings!


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