Now that we’re starting to settle into school (total lie we’re having panic attacks on the hour) we are really looking forward to some school spirit! Roommate is on the field hockey team so what better way to support her than by wearing our colors?!

If you go to good ol’ Muhlenberg, this is perfect for you! But if you don’t (poor you) these can be adjusted for any school colors.

This Topshop Cherry Twist Skater Dress is the perfect color and it is a simple style so it can be accessorized! If you don’t want your clothing to be the center of attention, use smaller pieces to show how much you love your school. A Modcloth Glisten to This Headband adds some sparkle while a Barbour Lambswool Scarf is a staple for chilly November games. Keep your hands warm with these Mango Leather Gloves. The bow detail makes them super sweet! Buckle this Juicy Couture Skinny Belt around a grey skirt and you’re set for the pep rally! These Classic Olive Toms are comfy and really cute.


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