Mermaid Tear Designs Giveaway

So since you haven’t heard anything about our attempted Pinterest craft ideas… you’d be right to assume that it didn’t go over so well.

If any of you tried the edible glitter recipe, we apologize. And if any of you were planning on doing it… DON’T. Mixing salt with food coloring and baking it does not make it sparkly or less salty. It just makes weirdly colored salt. Finding flip flops in our size at the end of August was impossible (mom warned us) and the bath scrub just didn’t happen.

Pinterest is a dangerous place, lovely readers. Pin with caution.

However, we found someone who is so much more crafty than we will ever be.

Lauren Curran of Mermaid Tear Designs creates jewelry out of typewriter keys, seaglass, and vintage buttons.

Here are some samples of her work:

We asked Lauren some questions about how she started her business and where she would like it to go!

Q. How did you get started making jewelry? 
A. It was my love for seaglass that started my jewelry design business. I had all this amazing seaglass and wanted to do something useful with the gorgeous pieces.

Q. What inspired you to use the materials that make your products so unique?
A. I like thinking ‘outside the box.’ The desire to create something eclectic, elegant AND fun to wear: those are the key ingredients.

Q. Did you have to overcome any obstacles in starting your business?
A. The only real obstacle was one most people face when attempting a new venture: ‘Can I do this? ‘Will people like the product?’

Q. Where do you see your business going in the future?
A. I’m very thankful for all the compliments and kind words I receive from customers. I belong to The Artisan Group: an elite collective of artists who gift their handcrafted products to celebrities at Hollywood’s top gift lounges. It would be great to someday be noticed on that level.

Q. Any other fun, interesting facts?
A. I really like the fact that my typewriter key jewelry preserves a bit of the past. One day I happened upon a typewriter patented the same year of my grandmother’s birth. I still have it!

We received a pair of typewriter key earrings that we can’t wait to share with you!

Click the link below to enter!

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2 thoughts on “Mermaid Tear Designs Giveaway

  1. Super cute items! My mom used to have an old typewriter I would play on as a kid. Its how I learned my letters. She would spell a word and I’d have to find each letter and type it and then she’d check it. oh memories!

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