School Rules

We are moving back to school today!! We are super excited to see roomie, and the girls on the dance team, and to help the freshmen move in tomorrow! That being said, here are our freshman year guidelines.

1. Keep a positive attitude. Orientation weekend can feel like it goes on for a month, with endless speeches, traditions, and icebreakers. Even if you feel like passing out from exhaustion, put a smile on your face, and don’t get annoyed when you have to repeat you name and dorm for the 35th time.

2. Give yourself enough time to get ready in the mornings. We know you want to sleep in, but you also want to look good for class. Make sure you have a few extra minutes the first week in case you can’t find your classroom. It depends on the school, but at the ‘Berg, everyone gets to class ten minutes early!

3. Get involved. If your school hosts an activities fair, go check it out! We promise it won’t be lame. You aren’t in high school anymore, and no one is going to judge you if you want to be in certain clubs. So join the French Club, the Alumni Association, and Colleges Against Cancer.

That being said…

4. Don’t overwhelm yourself. You will be adjusting to a whole different lifestyle with new people, new sleeping habits, and new drama. Trust us when we say that doing too much will drive you (and your significant other {sorry for last year boyfriend <3}, family, friends) insane. Pick a couple things that you think will be really interesting, and if you feel like it’s too much, talk to the leaders of the group. They’ve been there and will understand

5. Know that you won’t be friends with everyone. Most people go into freshman year thinking they are about to find their best friends for life. However, everyone is going to be on their best behavior at the beginning, and as the weeks go by, you may drift apart from some people. That is perfectly ok and as long as you are yourself, you will find where you belong.

6. Obviously:


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