Even though we are years away from marriage, we have always been obsessed (maybe a little too much) with planning weddings. Our best friend even helped us make a desktop file full of potential ideas. And then Pinterest came along and well, you know the rest.
So when Thea from hushed COMMOTION approached us to promote her work, we couldn’t say no!
hushed COMMOTION is a line of bridal accessories that are beautiful and elegant, without being over the top.
We asked Thea some questions about her business, what it was like to create her own business, and where she would like to be in the future:
Q. What is the main idea of your business?
A. I create hand crafted bridal accessories that are detailed and intricate, often times with a vintage aesthetic. I use pearl and gold beading often and I love to work with organza, tulle and lace to create texturized pieces.
Q. What inspired you to start your business?
A. After working in the bridal industry for a number of years, I noticed that there was a need for bridal accessories that were special and intricate, while not being overly “blingy”. Thus, I started my line with these brides in mind – brides who wanted detailed pieces that were elegant, detailed, had a bit of a vintage vibe but also fit into their present day wedding vision. I also strive to keep my pieces in a budget friendly range, staying between $65 to $300.
Q. Did you face any challenges starting your business?
A. Taking the leap to start your own business is scary in its self! You are putting yourself and your ideas out there to be judged and responded to. You just have to stay focused and make sure to leave time to do things that inspire you. Starting a business can be a lot of numbers and paperwork for orders, you loose track of the creative joy, so keeping that alive will make the other parts more manageable.
Q. Any cute or funny stories about your journey?
A. Between sourcing for new materials and inspiration, going to bridal industry events, and still having a full time job in the Bridal industry, the time can seem to disappear! I often will bring beading I need to do that is time consuming on the train/bus with me to the next place I am going so that I use every minute of the day – but I must look funny standing there with beads in one pocket, thread in another and my needle in hand…
Q. Where do you want your business to be in the future?
A. I love the work I am doing with Bridal, I can be so creative and I love the clients I work with, so I hope to continue down that path. I have so many friends in this industry and I think it would be wonderful to one day have a studio loft space for a group of us so that we could work together and be inspired together. That would be also fun for the clients who we work with, one stop and they get to see us all!
For any of you wanting to start your own business, make sure to take Thea’s advice! Her work speaks for itself; we can tell she is truly inspired.
Here are some more of her gorgeous designs:

Shoe Clips have been trending in wedding fashion for a while now, and these are the perfect way to add your something blue! But let’s be honest, we would wear these any day. They’re beautiful!


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