Thursday Recap

I told you I wasn’t doing anything exciting this weekend! But on Thursday I headed to New York City to reunite with my Dance Association Big Christine for Broadway in Bryant Park.

On the way there, I switched onto a packed train, and when it started moving, plopped down in a seat with a backpack, but no owner. As I stared at the bag I realized that it might be suspicious luggage. I concluded that I would just be the first to die, and was busy planning my untimely death, when the conductor asked “mind if I join you?” He had put his backpack down to get a little paper work done and eat his (tasty looking) fruit salad. When he was finished, we got to talking about his job as a conductor. He said that it was a great job, very rewarding. He told me a story about a woman and her daughter who rode the train frequently throughout his time there. He became buddies with the little girl and watched her grow up. That morning, the mother had been on the train and showed him a picture of her daughter who had just graduated high school. The conductor talked about how much he loves helping people, and made that clear as he got off the train with me, and asked a security guard how to find Christine.

After finding Christine, and much hugging, we made our way to Bryant Park and settled in for some great music.


We listened to songs from A Christmas Story, Bring It On, Avenue Q, Its Nice Work If You Can Get It, and closed out with Don’t Stop Believing from Rock of Ages. Even though it was very VERY hot, being close to stage was definitely worth it.


Awkwardly trying to take pictures…

Later, we met Dad for lunch at Rare Bar & Grill, a burger place that makes steaks into burgers! Needless to say they were amazing. We also stopped by her dad’s office to say hi!

It was an amazing day, and I can’t wait to see Christine when we move back to school in less than a week!


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