Dorm Decorations

Yay it’s Friday!

This weekend we will be visiting friends, cleaning, and getting ready for school.

That being said, this coming semester is bringing so many new things. We’re rushing a sorority, running the fundraisers for our dance team, auditioning for shows, contributing to Preppy and Pink NC’s Blog, and you know, going to class. What.

So, blog posts might be a little shorter, we may not tweet as much, but that does not mean we love you any less! In fact, we have some surprises up our sweater sleeves, neatly stored away for Fall. Prepare for some great giveaways and maybe even a guest post! And we promise not to be too excited about recruitment… maybe. We will super appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate all of these exciting experiences life has given us!

Since we are getting ready to transition back to dorm life, here are our top dorm essentials*:

*These are not actually essentials, but they are just too darn cute to resist!

We can never have enough Lilly! This Lilly Pulitzer Comforter Collection is perfect for keep us cozy. If you have your own bathroom at school, you are one lucky rubber ducky! However, if you, like us are sharing showers, you’ll need a shower caddy! These Container Store Shower Totes come in great colors and have spots for all of your toiletries. We have this Laundry Basket in pink! It has plenty of room, so be careful not to put off your laundry too long, but it also collapses to take up less space. Dry Erase boards are a huge help for reminders and leaving your roommate cute notes. This Poppy Magnetic Dry Erase Board is cute and functional! Dorm hallways can be dirty, so keep your tootsies clean with adorable slippers. You might think slippers are for little kids, but we started off our freshman year with bunny slippers. You’d be surprised what a great conversation starter they were! Both of these are from Target.


4 thoughts on “Dorm Decorations

  1. Those are some great ideas….I remember when I moved into my dorm room… a trip to Ikea was essential for decorating….years later my apartment also reflects that mentality. Cute blog! stopping by from SITS!

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