Diane W Designs Giveaway!

Today we are happy to announce our giveaway with Diane W Designs! We have been looking forward to this for a very long time, and it is finally here.

Diane’s fashion philosophy is one we can definitely get behind. After living all over the United States and spending several years in Europe she has learned that the classics are truly timeless. What’s more, the accessories you add to your outfit certainly matter. That is what Diane W Designs is all about, adding those classic elements of style by using accessories.

She began her business a few years ago using ArtFire selling madras hair accessories (one of her favorite materials). Since then she has begun running a Consignment Sale in Baltimore, Maryland where she sells her to die for key fobs.

For those of you wanting to start your own business, Diane says that one of her toughest obstacles to overcome was marketing herself. It takes time to find your niche market and present your products. Using social networking is her go to method of promoting herself.
However, not everything needs to be perfect in order for progress to be made! Diane had a very interesting first sales call:
“My first retail sales call was totally by accident. I was shopping in a clothes store and checking out at the counter when it dawned on me that this store would be perfect for my items! I just blurted out, “You should be carrying these bracelets!” Of course I didn’t have any of my bracelets with me. Nothing. I whipped out my iPhone and started showing them items from my website. One phone call and a visit later, I had an order. The total opposite of a textbook sales call!”
In the future, Diane would love to have her own website for Diane W Designs, and she would also like to have her products sold in stores that would cater to her preppy clientele.
For now, Diane is very excited to have her Anchor Knot Rope Bracelets being sold at Life’s A Beach (a Lilly Pulitzer Store) in Duck, North Carolina. The Hyde and Seek Shop in Hunt Valley Maryland also carries a wide variety of her key fobs and hair accessories. As well, she will be donating many items to the Chi Omega Fraternity at DePaul University for their annual “Just Wish For It” Variety Show and Silent Auction. This benefits the Illinois Chapter of The Make A Wish Foundation.
Enter to win your very own Diane W Designs Merchandise!
One winner will receive an Anchor Knot Rope Bracelet, a Madras Key Fob and a 10% off coupon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One winner will receive a Madras Anchor Bracelet, a Seersucker Anchor Bracelet, a Pink Oxford Alligator Hair Tie, and a 10% off coupon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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