What We’re Loving



Bath and Body Works Scentportables have been in our life for a very long time. We’ve had one in our car for two years now and it still hasn’t run out! Their new designs, like this cupcake are absolutely adorable. Paris is the inspiration for this season and after eight years of French lessons we  are definitely on board. Even if we prefer croissants for breakfast instead of in purse form, this Kate Spade Garance Dore Joie de Vivre Pull Over  est très magnifique! We have been seeing loafers everywhere, and these Banana Republic Braxton Flats are just the right amount of classic and chic. We are officially obsessed with Bauble Bar, and our wish list is a mile long. This Lime Princesse Bib is right at the top! Plus if you sign up now, you get $10 off your first purchase. Yes, even our keys need accessories! This Brighton Lady Bug Key Fob will ensure you never forget your keys! We love, love, love thecollegeprepster.com  and they have recently teamed up with Amanda Catherine Design to create this poster duo! Of course the Audrey Hepburn quote is one of our favorites and the macaroons are super sweet.


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