Paris is Always a Good Idea for Dianna


Like many others, we are huge Glee fans. We saw Glee Live, and were at the show that they filmed for the movie. Our screams are in that movie. And we’re proud of that.

Dianna Agron’s sense of style has certainly continued our love for her outside of the show. This week she made the Harper’s Bazaar and British Vogue best dressed lists for this outfit she was seen in during a shopping trip to Paris. She is currently filming Malavita in Normandy, and we definitely approve of her day off.




Here is how we would wear it:


Any information regarding Miss Agron’s dress was impossible to find, so we made do with our own inspiration. This Stripe Dress may not have the intense ruffles, but horizontal stripes will actually make you look thinner than vertical! We took the color of Dianna’s shoes and played it up with these chunky Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Skyscraper Heels. The color is so much fun, and isn’t too bright to transition into Fall. This Nine West Agenda Clutch is perfect for holding your necessities and keeping your hands open for shopping bags (or if you’re Dianna, adorable vintage suitcases!). The only bit of information we could find was that Dianna was wearing these Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses (we’re pretty sure). Even if she wasn’t they are super cute. Since she kept her accessories minimal, we did the same and only added this Kate Spade Carlyle Bracelet. Who doesn’t love a watch shaped like a bow!? With all of the bright nail polish that is finding itself onto red carpets and our fingers alike, we really loved Dianna’s subtle white polish! We chose Essie Blanc to finish off the look.


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