How Pinteresting!


Happy Monday Pretty Prepsters!

With all of the traveling and getting back on an East Coast schedule (and some general laziness) we’ve been a little stumped about today’s post.

So what did we do? We logged onto Pinterest (duh).

For those of you who follow us, you know that we have a ton of DIY activities pinned, but we’ve never done any of them. And that is where the pinspiration started. With less than two weeks before we head off to school, we decided its about time we got a little crafty.

So here is our DIY Bucket list:

1. Personalized Flip Flops – This is Knot So Hard!

2. Edible Glitter – With a couple birthdays coming up, this will be perfect!


3. Lemon Sea Salt Body Scrub – We definitely need to freshen up before going to school!


Now remember, we have less than two weeks to accomplish this! We will let you know how all of this goes (hopefully well), and you should try these DIY’s yourself!

Let us know if you have any fabulous crafts you’d like us to try!


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