Rhyme&Reason Clothing Giveaway


We have been in giveaway heaven recently!!

This week we are hosting our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER…

Rhyme&Reason Clothing has given us, wait for it, Five $200 gift cards for their online store!

Near and dear to our hearts, Rhyme&Reason Clothing is an up and coming company that we posted about a bit ago. They are affiliated with several fantastic charities, and 10% of each regular purchase goes to the charity of your choice! In the future they hope to be a supplier for customized designs and logos, working with the charities, as well as maybe schools and Greek organizations.

But for now, we can just bask in their feel good attitude and feel even better in their clothes. That’s right lovely readers, Rhyme&Reason doesn’t use ordinary materials. Italian Fleece and  lusciously soft Jersey and Cotton will feel amazing (trust us, we’ve tried it out). Plus, all of their garments are made in Portugal, which means they are of very good quality.

So, get into back-to-school shopping mode and enter to win… anything you want!

Click the Link Below!
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