Chicago Belt Co. Giveaway

We are so excited to be working with Chicago Belt Company for our latest giveaway!

If you’re from the Midwest, you will definitely understand owner and creator, Rob Cardenas’ inspiration. After years of wearing clothing that did not represent his Midwest pride, Rob decided to take matters into his own hands and created Chicago Belt Co. in the Spring of 2011. The company’s use of raw materials represents what makes America great: “originality, hard work, and progressiveness”.

Most of the company’s belts sport silhouettes of the Great Lakes in various color combinations. As well, 10% of all regular purchases goes to The Alliance for The Great Lakes (and they come with super cute stickers!). Think it can’t get any better? Oh, it can! These fantastic belts are 100% American made and come with free shipping!!

(Not gonna lie, the seersucker is our favorite!)

They also carry other products such as key fobs, koozies, and these super cute croakies!

Over the last year, Chicago Belt Co. has added many more designs and products, with two new lines coming out at the end of this Summer. By mid-August, they will have dog leashes similar to their current belts. Who doesn’t want to walk Rover in style?!

One announcement that really excited us was that leather ribbon belts are currently in production! These new designs will have a real belt buckle as opposed to the silver rings on the current line, and will also have leather accents.

The Chicago Belt Co. is so excited to be expanding their line, that they want to share it with you!! One lucky winner will receive the belt of their choice! Enter below to win!

Click the Link!

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Check out Chicago Belt Co. on WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook!


8 thoughts on “Chicago Belt Co. Giveaway

  1. I love the red Chicago flag belt! I’m always looking for ways to represent my city, especially since I go to school in upstate NY.

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