Monogram Me, Zoubaby!

Happy Monday Pretties! Today we are loving Zoubaby Boots, a line of adorable monogrammed rain boots for women, children, and sorority girls!

Alright, it’s no secret that bad weather can really limit your fashion options, but pouring rain doesn’t have to mean boring outfits. Stylish splashing is 100% easier with a pair of monogramed rain boots from Zoubaby. They’re classically designed and customized with your initials on the side of each boot. And, the cozy knitted nylon lining can keep your feet warm even when winter sets in. They offer several font choices and a ton of fun color options.

Zoubaby Women’s boots are comfy, classic, and a fashion no-brainer. They make a style statement that you can wear through rain, sleet, or snow. If you have a child, a pair of matching monogramed boots can turn a rainy day stroll into puddle-jumping playtime — without either of you getting wet.

Monogramed boots are perfect for kids who have to take off their shoes in the classroom: They’ll always know which pair is theirs. Just for the back to school season, Zoubaby children’s boots 30% off.

You don’t have to set your sorority pride aside just because it’s raining. Monogram a pair of Zoubaby boots with your chapter’s letters to support your chapter regardless of the weather. They make great rush gifts too!

And there’s a whole slue of new styles coming soon. Check Zoubaby’s boots out over at

Thanks to Rachel from Zoubaby for writing up this post!


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