Packing Light


This weekend we are headed to Florida for a wedding! Since we’ll only really be there for a day and a half total, Dad has insisted we pack carry-ons. Boo.

While we’re rifling through the closet trying to pick out what to bring (picture clothes literally flying around the room) here are some tips that we use to pack light.

1. Know Your Destination – Look up what the weather will be like while you’re traveling. This is super important, especially if you are going somewhere with unpredictable weather. Pack a raincoat and an umbrella, but since we’re staying light, leave the wellies at home (so sad).

2. Know Your Plans – ย If you don’t know the exact activities of each day, pack a little (emphasis on little) extra. You should always have one outfit that can be dressed up just in case. Remember, overdressed you may feel ridiculous, but underdressed and you are ridiculous!

3. Tried and True – Chances are, you feel most comfortable in outfits you know you like and have worn before. Since you are limited to what is in your suitcase, make sure you’ll want to wear the outfits you plan while your packing.

4. Expect the Worst – The best tip we can give you may seem obvious but it’s pretty important. Please, please, always pack at least two extra pairs of undies. You never know what’s going to happen. We do this when we only go out for one night!! You definitely don’t want to risk a Britney by going commando.

4.5. Bonus – Make sure you have the proper undergarments for your clothes. You don’t want to be wearing a white dress and be left with the choice of everyone seeing hot pink or polka dots!

We know these are silly, but they really are important!

The Weekend Recap will have all the details on our ensemble for the wedding (so stay tuned) but here is what we would wear to the airport:


We started off with a pair of Maison Scotch Shorts. They are super basic, but that means you can wear anything with them! Add a J. Crew Colorblock Stripe Shirt so you’ll stand out in the crowd. Longer sleeves will keep you cool on the plane, but can be rolled up if you get too warm. These Sperry Top-Sider Marquis Espadrilles are cute and easy to take off while going through security. If you don’t want to be barefoot, wear a pair of half socks that won’t show above the shoe. A statement necklace will help you feel fashionable, even though you’re comfy. We love this Kendra Scott Harlow Necklace! And we especially love that it matches this super cute MARC by Marc Jacobs Preppy Straw Bag (yes that’s its name). And of course you need the essentials: This Keep You Posted Wallet flies first class, TOM’s Pilot Sunglasses will protect your pretty eyes, a J. Crew iPhone Case (to be used in airplane mode only!), gum to keep you calm, and of course a good read. We’ll be reading This Side of Paradise.

Bon Voyage!


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