Cute School Supplies

This weekend we are heading back to school (good ‘ol ‘berg) to visit our Dance Association Big, who is trapped in the box office all summer! Don’t worry Big, Little is on her way to save you!

Since school is rapidly approaching, and we sort of want to go back, we found some school supplies that will make doing homework fun! (Just kidding, but at least you’ll have cute things to get distracted by.) And of course who doesn’t want their office full of color and fun gadgets? Whether it be school or work, you’ll be the envy of all your Bic using peers.

1. Kate Spade Safari Suite Pads  (Set of 3)- These notepads add just the right amount of whimsy to your desk. Take them to a meeting or jot down ideas for your paper!

2. Bedford Smart Technology Charging Station – Hide all of your wires, and give yourself another drawer with the charging station. It has 6 available plugs, so its functional and stylish!

3. PB Teen Tropical Garden Pin it Board – We love the fabric on this board, which definitely makes it worth the splurge.

however, you can always grab a great piece of fabric and make your own!

This DIY from is perfect!

4. Boatman Geller Carrie & Tuck Note Tote – These totes are perfect for writing notes wherever you go! They come in 4 different colors, include tons of cute cards, notes, even a pen, and they can be monogramed? We’re sold!

5. A Place For Everything Book Ends – Keep your textbooks in line with these simple, and self explanatory book ends. Who knows, maybe you’ll even be inspired to crack them open!


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