We Love Anne

Anne Hathaway has always been one of our favorite actresses. From the moment we saw her in The Princess Diaries, our elementary school selves were borderline obsessed, for obvious reasons. For starters she got to be a princess. But roles aside, she has consistently proven to be a great role model. And she has shown real growth in the parts she has chosen. We longed with her for a foot popping kiss, we cried when she almost gave up on true love because of Parkinson’s, and we were totally sucked into fashion as she took on a devil in Prada. Anne has been with us for so long and through so much, we’re practically besties!

The stunning Ms. Hathaway recently appeared on the Today Show sporting an Erdem dress and a shocking new haircut! Les Miserablés (in post-production) called for her to shave her head, so she went all in! Luckily, she’s gorgeous enough to pull off any hairstyle (please, ladies, don’t try this at home!).

Here’s our inspiration from Anne’s pretty and polished look, that earned her a spot on both Vogue’s and Harper’s Bazaar’s Best Dressed Lists:

Taking a cue from the shape and color of Anne’s dress, we chose this Oasis Harley Dress. We love that it has both navy and black, so you don’t have to worry about mismatching, and the large floral is perfect for summer. We chose to go with black shoes, and these Jimmy Choo Anouk Pumps are wonderfully classic and sophisticated. We added a RJ Graziano Collar Necklace to add some sparkle, and tie in the heels. Picking up a Jacques Vert Clutch can make this ensemble easily transfer from office to dinner! Anne wears a light red lipstick and pale nails, so we chose the same. Guerlain Forever Gold Kisskiss Lipstick has just the right amount of sparkle, and you can never go wrong with O.P.I Dulce De Leche (yum!).


6 thoughts on “We Love Anne

  1. Oh I totally missed her interview, so thanks for sharing. She looks gorgeous, plus that haircut! Love it. That Oasis Harley dress is so fun and summery! Thanks for sharing!

    Visiting from SITS Girls!

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