Classic Look-Driving Scarves

Hope you all had a lovely and adventure filled weekend! As you could probably tell from yesterday’s post, we certainly did!

After driving around with the top down, however, we have been inspired to add Driving Scarves to our wardrobe (wind does unspeakable things to one’s hair!).

Worn by all of our icons, Audrey, Jackie, and most famously Grace Kelly, the driving scarf or Kelly Scarf is perfect for protecting your lovely locks and still looking glamourous. In the 1950’s and 60’s, pairing this scarf with big sunglasses was the “classy disguise” often seen in movies while actresses snuck around. Today, however, it is more of a fashion statement and less, inconspicuous!

Here are some examples of how to wear this iconic look:

And a more modern take:

And here’s how to tie it:

Here’s how we would wear it:

This look can be accomplished with a rectangular scarf as well (just don’t fold it) but we chose to start with this Jill Sander Paisley Print Silk Scarf. Obviously the pink and green are the epitome of prepdom, and the navy accents serve as a neutral. Playing off of the navy, we added a French Connection Crepe Dress. The sleeves and collar give the dress a modern twist, while the shift silhouette maintains a classic feel. As we’ve said before, every outfit needs a bow (or several) which is why we adore these Faith Kitten Heels. A Del Rey Shoulder Bag continues the feeling of vintage glamour as do the Celine New Audrey Sunglasses. To bring the whole look together, we finished with a Kate Spade Hinge Bangle.


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