Wimbledon Love

With the Wimbledon Finals coming up, we decided to get sporty and bring you some of our favorite tennis looks! We definitely approve of Wimbledon’s new dress code, which has been applied to all spectators. We preps know how important it is to dress appropriately. After all, clothing speaks strongly about who you are, and how much you respect yourself.

(With inspiration from Vogue’s Wimbledon Whites).

Here are our favorite Tennis looks and Accessories:

1. Pure Lime Stripe Dress – How could you not love blue accent stripes?

2. Adidas Barricade – They may not be white, but these limited edition sneaks are the colors that will be worn at the 2012 Olympic Games in London

3. Head YOUTEK Three Star – This striking white racquet will give you lots of power improvement

4. Lacoste Peyton – These big glasses have a sporty feel, without being too fierce

5. Wilson Hope Tennis Balls – Add some color to your game and support a great cause

For those of us who have a bit more fashion sense than coordination, here is our take on a tennis look:

For this look, we took inspiration from one of these adorable sketches of tennis inspired outfits. We combined a pleated tennis-like Proenza Poplin Full Skirtย with J. Crew’s Perfect Shirt. To give the ensemble a bit of a kick, we paired it with these super cuteย Monsoon Kate Shoes. They may be bridal shoes in the UK, but since lace is currently a huge trend, they’re perfect for dressing up a more casual outfit. A Marc by Marc Jacobs Shoulder Bag will carry everything but your tennis racquet! ย And of course you need some sporty accessories. Lacoste Avery Sunglasses are lightweight but not too athletic looking. A Forzieri Tennis Bracelet is worth the splurge with blue sapphires and 18K gold.


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