Happy 4th of July!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Wish List Wednesday for a 4th of July Special!

Here is what your day is going to look like all packed into one post…

Get ready.

You will start your day by realizing you have a few extra hours of sleep

After finally waking up, you will manage to put as much Red, White, and Blue into one outfit as is humanly possible

You will prepare and eat so much Red, White, and Blue themed food that you’ll explode stars and stripes

Regardless of your usual beer of choice (or lack thereof) Budweiser’s patriotic can will entice you into Americana madness

You will listen and proudly sing along to the best patriotic songs

Eventually, after much merrymaking, it will be dark enough for sparklers

And then magical things will start to happen

And now for your very own fireworks display!


Happy Fourth Pretty Preps!


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