We Love Andrew

Just as fashion is important to us ladies, it is equally important for our gentlemen. Who wants to be seen on the arm of a handsome man if he isn’t dressed to the nines? Plus, since the start of “Ivy League” dress, menswear has been a constant inspiration for women and the prep identity. This week we pay tribute to men’s prep fashion with Andrew Garfield.

Andrew Garfield, also known as The Amazing Spiderman, has looked absolutely dashing at all of the recent premiers of the newest Spiderman movie. We loved his classic look at the London premier and his daring (somewhat Gwyneth Paltrow inspired?) red suit in Paris. However, nothing knotted our Sperry’s more than his look at the Berlin premiere.

Here, Garfield wears a Gucci S/S 2012 Marseille jacket, adds dimension by layering on a crew neck sweater, and mixes and matches his black trousers with a blue satin tie.

Since we can’t actually hang on the arm of Mr. Garfield, how about some fashion for the other men in our lives? The Frat Boy is a pretty common specimen, and most ladies are bound to run into them at one point or another. While their antics can be… unusual especially when looking for a potential boyfriend, they have a certain charm about them.

Recently we came upon Lazy Jack Press a company that makes ties, bow ties, and pocket squares in patterns that college boys will love. While we don’t recommend you bring your new beau to meet mummy and daddy in the shots! shots! shots! bow tie, the Lifting tie is actually pretty cute.

Take note Gentlemen, how you dress matters.


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