Buy ALL the Lilly!!!

Happy National Wear Your Lilly Day! Even though we know Lilly Pulitzer is already a staple in your wardrobe, here are some Lilly products we are currently obsessed with:

1. The MarieKate Dress in its vibrant green is perfect for summer. We love lace, and tons of celebrities have been wearing it in fun colors!

2. Hold all of the photos from your summer adventures in this adorable photo album. The print “worth blue fallin in love” is perfect for memories of the beach.

3. The Carded ID Wristlet is any college girl’s dream. It has the perfect amount of slots for cards, a change pouch, and even a lipgloss holder! The pink seersucker makes us want this mini life organizer even more!

4. The Paley Sunglasses are exactly what we need; A classic style with a twist! The pink accents along with the bamboo-esque sides make these glasses stand out just enough, without being too funky. They also have UV protective lenses to keep your beautiful eyes safe.

5. We love the With a Twist Bangle! It comes in three different colored enamels (navy, pink, and resort white). This is the perfect accessory for any outfit that needs a little extra je ne sais quoi.

6. Regardless of what others tell you, you can never have too many shoes. These printed wedges in Getaway Garden will brighten up your closet and beg you to wear them everywhere!

7. Why wouldn’t you want to ride around in style on a Lilly Pulitzer Bicycle? From flip flop friendly pedals, to a frame that allows you to wear a skirt, a ton of fashion consideration went into this cruiser.


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